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Dir. Silvia Masi
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10am-8pm 10am-8pm 10am-7pm
Salaborsa Ragazzi
closed 10am-7pm 10am-7pm 10am-7pm 10am-7pm 10am-7pm
Salaborsa Ragazzi - Sala adolescenti
closed 2pm-7pm 2pm-7pm 2pm-7pm 2pm-7pm 10am-7pm

All Sala Borsa books, video and CDs may be returned on Monday afternoons from 2.30pm to 7pm., near the main entrance of the library.

Free Internet
Internet access points available not only in Sala Borsa's location but also at Palazzo Paleotti ( Via Zamboni 25),thanks to an agreement with the University of Bologna. A library password is needed for using the Library services and facilities. It may be requested at the Library's Help Desk.
Sala Borsa Ragazzi offer 12 internet access points for young adults up to 16 years of age, 1 internet access point reserved for people with physical disabilities, 1 for blind and partially-sighted people.

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In our library you can find:
More than 255.000 volumes, including 55.000for children and young adults
35 Italian and foreign newspapers, weekly news, politics and cultural publications, more than 350 magazines.

In other languages
English,French, Polish, Spanish, German, Hebrew, Portuguese; special sections in Albanian, Arabic, Chinese, Polish, Russian and Romanian.

Online catalogue ( Sebina OPAC )
Library catalogues
Sala Borsa Ragazzi Catalogue

A maximum of 10 documents; magazines for young adults may be borrowed ( except the last magazine's number).
Length of time: 7 days for CDs, DVDS, magazines; 30 days for books, documentaries ( renewable for 15 days).
Requests may be placed on items that are on loan.
Interlibrary Loan

Online Services
Booking Library PC, Payments, Renewals.

Online Resources
>Bologna online

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Printing options ( chargeable service)

Do you want to know more?
Salaborsa Library, was inaugurated on the 12th of December 2001, within the ancient Palazzo D'accurso, in an area designed at the end of the 19th century for “Trade and Exchange of goods” .It collects and updates, the heritage of the Central Library of Palazzo Montanari. It is an open multimedia library for general information. It provides documents on contemporary culture, updating its heritage and offering high quality technology instruments to give access to telematic facilities and multimedia communication.
Sala Borsa ragazzi offers a space where children and young adults may read, develop independent thought, establish personal relationships with peers. They also have the opportunity to take part to entertainment activities and meetings with authors. Moreover it offers adults some knowledge of editorial production and the study of young adults' literature.
The building has 4 floors: in the basement there is the library for young adults ( Bilbioteca Ragazzi ) and the Enzo Biagi Auditorium. On the ground floor, in the covered square ( crystal floored on the basis of an ancient Roman building ) there is a help desk for loans, registration and returns; the 500 stables of the Palazzo Apostolico where an author/title catalogue gathers sections of contemporary fiction, computer science, psychology, philosophy, religion, social science, foreign languages, sciences, technology, comics, sport and games, foreign language books , in addition to catalogues, information services, research assistance, listening music and some study seats.
From the Stables is possible to reach another room dedicated to classics, essays on literary critics, poetry, theatrical works, arts, music and history. On the upper floors there are: on the first floor , newspapers and magazines, reading/study seats, a section for videos and documentaries, a multimedia room, cartography areas, books on Bologna and surroundings, travels, guided tours, theatre, cinema, television and jobs.
On the second floor, the Urban Center is an area dedicated to Bologna's transformations. It hosts exhibitions, workshops and meetings.



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