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What is the user card?
It's a library card which allow you to be registered in the institution's libraries of Comune di Bologna.
From the 3rd of December 2012 it replaces the old library cards, previously issued by the institution's libraries. From the 1st of January only the new card will be considered valid.
Alternatively the cards issued by Comune di Casalecchio and Comune di San Lazzaro may be accepted.

How to Get it
A user card may be obtained by completing the registration process in one of the institution libraries.

What is it for
A library card is needed for borrowing materials in every institution's library.


All the Card holders can get a discount ( 5 € instead of 6 €) on entrance tickets to the cineclub of Lumiére Cinema ( first runs are excluded ). Moreover they will receive another 50% off on the price of “Cinema Ritrovato” Festival. ( 28th of June - 5th of July 2014 ) .
CINEMA LUMIÈRE - Piazzetta Pier Paolo Pasolini, 2b - tel. 051 2195311 -

Who can get a Library Card?

A user card may be requested by all people residing in the national territory. Users excluded from Loan services in one or more than one of the institution's libraries, do not receive a user card unless they solve their situation.

Necessary Documents
Residents in the national territory must show an identification document issued by an Italian authority.
Non-Residents must fill a self-certification including a statement of the place of residence in the national territory ( at least 3 months residency requirement).
Minors will need a letter of authorization signed by their parents.

How much does a library card cost?
A Library Card is free :
to new subscribers;
In case of replacement of Old Cards ( which must be returned to the Library ) with new ones.
In case of loss, you can get a new Library card at a cost of 5 Euros.

A library card is personal; you are responsible for its correct use.
If you lose your Library Card you can request a replacement.

Lost or Stolen Library Card
Replacement library cards cost 5 Euros. In case of theft, a new card will be provided free of charge if a police report is made. Users under age 14 may get a replacement free of charge.

Users may be suspended from any library service for non – returned items or bad behaviours. ( valid in every institution's library ).