The Libraries Institution of Bologna


The institution involves different kinds of libraries, able to receive citizens and to satisfy their requests of documents and information .

Archiginnasio Library is a library for research and conservation, specialised in liberal arts and in the history of the city.

Salaborsa Library is a multimedia library for general information, created to provide documents about contemporary culture by means of all available documents.

The Archive-Library “Casa Carducci” is a centre for information specialised in the works created by the writer. It is also a reference point for the nineteenth century literary studies.

The library of the Centre “Amilcar Cabral” is specialised in Africa, Asia and Latin America studies and events.

The libraries, located in the different areas of the city, represent the main places where people can gain access to the cultural services offered by the institution, satisfying the most common requests and serving as an important cultural centre for the different areas.

Borgo Panigale Library
Casa di Khaoula Library
Corticella Library
Lame-Cesare Malservisi Library
Natalia Ginzburg Library
Orlando Pezzoli Library
Luigi Spina Library
Jorge Luis Borges Library
Scandellara Library
Oriano Tassinari Clò Library
Roberto Ruffilli multimedia Library


The Italian women's Library, connected to our Institution, is specialised in women’s culture, feminism and gender studies.

Services for children and young adults

The Salaborsa Ragazzi Library is a specialised space in Salaborsa Library. Every library located in the different areas of the city has a specific section for children and young adults, especially Casa di Khaoula Library.